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Windsor transforms historical buildings into innovative spaces and thriving communities

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Windsor Construction Services provides commercial and residential construction services

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We transform historic architectural structures into innovative spaces and thriving communities through collaboration and vertical integration.

Vertical Integration

Windsor is able to leverage our vertically integrated construction and development model and utilize the skill and experience of our highly skilled craftsmen and local labor forces. Our ability to leverage our own vertically integrated services, such as roofing and plumbing, gives us greater control over cost, schedule, quality and safety.

When critical scope is performed by our own forces, we can monitor the schedule more accurately, make labor adjustments more rapidly and accelerate project completion. Direct control over the quality of workmanship and safety in the workplace secures the interests of stakeholders and the communities we serve.

Planning & Design

Every good project starts way before a shovel ever hits the ground. We leverage a collaborative approach in everything we do and constantly communicate openly and honestly to ensure goals and objectives are being met.

Continuous feedback and discussion is vital to the success of a project and the earlier in the process this begins, the more successful the outcome.

Expert Advice

Our extensive experience in construction management allows us to provide the necessary professional advice to stakeholders prior to construction, offering design, budget, schedule and construction strategy during the planning stages.

Cost Controls

Cost control begins with construction experience. Windsor has a staff of seasoned professionals with a history of providing consistently reliable cost projections.

Controlling costs is an ongoing process throughout each phase of our projects and a precise budget allows our project teams to make informed decisions that allow for greater benefits to stakeholders and the communities we serve.

Value Driven

We look to add value using our innovative approach, at every step of the project and the most important time is during planning and design. 

Windsor believes in a vertically integrated business model to help achieve this which is why we hold multiple licenses in the construction field including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, sewer tappers, HIC, GC and Demolition in addition to others.


During construction, it is imperative that our team is in constant communication. Windsor uses effective construction management tools for timely and accurate record-keeping. 

At the touch of a button, we can provide the status of any project documentation, including line by line cost information, scheduling, payables and receivables as well as key performance indicators related to the targets set for the project.


Ongoing coordination is facilitated through regular construction meetings to ensure each stakeholder knows what work needs to be performed, what materials need to be ordered or received and what goals need to be achieved.

Our team-based approach where the engineers, architects, and construction managers work together to achieve the mission ensures more successful construction management of projects.


Here are some of the reports and information we provide:

  • Monthly construction summary
  • Budget updates including variance (budget vs actual)
  • Schedule summary including work completed and work to be performed
  • On-site photos showing progress of work performed
  • Quarterly project statement of health
  • Other relevant project documents


This is a sampling of a variety of the projects we have performed:

34,000 SF Historic Building Conversion

  • Project Amount: $7.5 Million
  • Managed an extensive renovation to convert a former bolt making factory to Class A office space while maintaining the historic character of the building
  • State of the art LED lighting system
  • Headquarters for UBER’s Columbus division

35-Unit Luxury Condominium in Italian Village

  • Project Amount: Est. $11 Million
  • Assisted with converting the property from apartments to luxury condos
  • Building updates and condo conversion were performed in 2016 and helped to secure a 12-year real estate tax abatement for the property


  • Project Amount: $65+ Million
  • 216-unit apartment complex in North Columbus which had extensive renovations
  • 168-unit apartment complex near the Ohio State main campus
  • 161-unit apartment complex in Chillicothe, OH
  • 89+ acre luxury retirement community

75-Acre Hunter, Jumper, and Equestrian Training Facility

  • Project Amount: $8 Million
  • Worked with the premier horse farm architecture firm, Blackburn Architects
  • Major site work and construction of state of the art barns, rings, and show structures


  • Project Amount: $8 Million
  • Dublin Rec Center
  • Rickenbacker Air Force Base

City of Dayton

  • The Huffman
  • The Elks
  • DP & L Building
  • Firefly
  • Graphic Arts Building
  • Grant Deneau Tower