Joe Circle

Construction Division Operations Manager 

Joe has been with Windsor for over 7 years and has over 20 years in both residential and commercial construction management. His experience in the field along with his analytical skills and ability to make quick decisions has helped The Windsor Companies execute complex plans in a timely manner.  

His unique talent to provide cost effective engineering adds value on a daily basis. Joe has been integral to Windsor's community revitalization projects in Ohio, leading the way in budgeting, and performing top to bottom renovations in several multi-family complexes and throughout Windsor's entire portfolio. 

Windsor was able to achieve nearly 100% occupancy prior to the completion of construction on all of their major complexes and within our residential portfolio under Joe's leadership. Prior to Windsor, Joe was involved in several non-profit housing projects created to serve homeless citizens and homeless separated military members in Ohio. 

Windsor has achieved recognition for unique, modern, high end finishes on custom projects and Joe's demand for quality and personal client attention are keys to this success. Decades-long industry relationships, a skilled ability to procure resources, and accurate budgeting allow Joe to facilitate work successfully for our clients. 

Joe's commitment to serving the community and determination to make a positive impact on the lives of others are his personal driving forces as he continues to grow and develop in our industry.