Jatin Patel

Chief Financial Officer

Jatin provides daily leadership, communication, management and strategy to ensure effective financial and operational controls and systems are in place and being utilized to drive performance. 

He is an enthusiastic and self-motivated team player who likes to lead by example and is a big believer in empowering employees with complementary strengths to encourage maximum performance and dedication to our vision of transforming buildings into novative spaces. Additionally, his focus on evaluating organizational execution by proactively analyzing and interpreting data and metrics, has helped to promote rapid growth through informed management decisions. Jatin facilitates a highly collaborative management team to develop and synthesize plans for the operational infrastructure of systems, processes, and personnel.

Prior to joining the Windsor Companies, Jatin spent 20 years in various managerial, operational, financial, and analytical capacities at JPMorgan Chase & Co, primarily with their asset management division. He demonstrated the ability to work in a complex and ever-changing financial regulatory environment. While at JPMorgan he developed sophisticated and innovative proprietary tools to model new investment assets. Jatin co-managed the inaugural team of Risk Officers comprised of former military intelligence and anti-money laundering personnel, tasked with reviewing and investigating high-net worth prospects and clients to ensure legitimacy.

Jatin obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Finance at The Ohio State University and his MBA from Franklin University, which had a pioneering program emphasizing a whole-brained approach to management within business organizations. This fostered the ability to approach situations with an open mind and administer a natural propensity for encouraging and exploring possibilities while also driving toward clarity and solutions with a sense of purpose.