The Price Stores building was constructed in 1902 for a telephone exchange, but it was sold and turned into a men’s clothing store in the 1950s. Windsor plans to create 20 market-rate apartments in the upper levels of the Price Store building.

Home Telephone Building

The property was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2009 due to its historically significant architecture and its role in local history. The property was designed by the Dayton architectural firm Schenck & Williams and was built with extensive structural demands in order to support the weight of the printing machinery used by the publishing house that originally occupied the property. The walls were built with a mix of brick, concrete and glass, while peripheral elements are made of marble and limestone. In 2020, the property underwent a complete redevelopment into 20 luxury apartment units featuring modern designs and finish selections. The redevelopment was performed in accordance with historic preservation guidelines, which enabled the building and each unit to maintain a feel of the original history and architecture.