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Central Ohio Sewer Line Replacement

When to Replace Your Home’s Sewer Line

There are many reasons you could need a sewer line replacement. When any of these issues occur, you need to contact a professional sewer replacement contractor like Windsor Plumbing.

  • Broken, cracked, or collapsed sewer lines
  • Wear due to age or materials used
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Shifting or settling soil
  • Tree root infiltration
  • Weather changes, such as frozen ground

When these problems occur, sewer line repair can be impossible. Or, the costs for repair can be much more than simply replacing the entire line.

Do you need sewer line replacement in Columbus, Worthington, Westerville, Dublin, or nearby? Contact us online or call us at 614-626-7616 today to schedule!

Sewer Line Replacement Insurance Can Save Money

Typically, your homeowner’s insurance covers certain sewer line issues, excluding the normal wear of aging. Depending on the policy, your insurance may pay for sewer drain replacement within the footprint of your home’s foundation. If so, this can save you from high upfront costs. Our sewer inspection for blocked lines means we get the diagnosis correct the first time.

Basement Sewer Line Replacement

If a problem occurs in your home’s basement or crawlspace, repairs are much simpler. When the pipes or lines are accessible without digging, this reduces costs and speeds up repair times. Very often, sewer trap replacement is also warranted. Often all that is needed is replacing the weakened or broken parts of the exposed line and some cleanup. If you experience recurring sewer backups, Windsor Plumbing can sort it out.

Replacing Sewer Line From House To Main

Replacing sewer pipe from the house to main at the street is when many homeowners look to sewer replacement companies like Windsor Plumbing. This is generally when problems from tree roots or frozen ground have shattered a sewer line all along its length. Windsor Plumbing is also there for you when you need a sewer main installed for the first time with a new build.

Replacing Sewer Line to Street Connection

Sometimes your sewer line can develop breaks closer to the street connection site than your home. Often this gives homeowners hope that the local water or sewer department will repair the damaged line. Sadly, this is not the case. Overall, homeowners are responsible for the entire length of their private sewer line from the street connection into their homes.

Replacing Sewer Pipe from House to Street

After a long time, problems can occur from broken pipes that stretch all the way from the house to the street. This is often due to tree roots, frozen ground, shifting soil, or simple aging and wear. In these cases, repair would be costly. Replacing sewer pipe from house to street is the only option to be sure your home can safely eliminate waste.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

To be sure, our trenchless sewer line replacement process at Windsor Plumbing reduces the cost and time of replacing a sewer pipe. We use this same technique when providing a main water line replacement. We install a better product in the ground than traditional trenching methods that destroy your yard.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement Procedure

Most sewer line replacement companies still have to dig deep trenches through your yard for replacing sewer lines. Windsor Plumbing can do it by digging only a few small holes. We run a pipe bursting head through your old sewer line to break it apart. This is followed by a new polyethylene replacement pipe. The pipe sections are fused together to create long sections of line without joints that can leak.

Polyethylene Pipe Sewer Replacement Options

The stronger polyethylene sewer pipe runs through your old sewer line shaft underground, replacing the old clay pipe. This process is used for replacing the sewer pipe from house to street or for replacing only damaged sections of the line. With either option, only a few small holes are required, keeping the damage to your yard and property to a minimum.

Main Sewer Line Replacement in Columbus

Windsor Plumbing is your sewer repair contractor of choice for Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding area. We use only the best equipment, and even employ trenchless technologies when requested to minimize the impact to your property. We are also happy to be of help when you need sewer main installed for new construction.

A broken sewer pipe can have more than one cause and will often show the following signs:

  • A backup of sewage in the toilet or basement
  • Persistent clogged drains
  • Higher than normal water/sewer bills
  • A smell like rotten eggs
  • Excessive water or sewage in one location within the yard or around the home

In the event of these or similar problems, replacement is often needed.

Let our skilled Columbus plumbers handle your sewer line needs! Contact us today to schedule sewer line replacement in Columbus, Dublin, Hillard, Grove City, or the surrounding area!

Replacing Sewer Pipe in the Basement

When a basement sewer line bursts, it requires a much simpler fix. All the pipes are accessible, not requiring digging in order to reach them. These repairs or pipe replacements are simple, fast, and less costly.

Sewer Pipe Replacement

When sewer line repair won’t remedy the problem, there are several options when it comes to replacing old, worn, or broken sewer pipes. Each has its own benefits, and each can be used in different situations.

Burst Sewer Pipe

This is the newest sewer pipe replacement technology. With pipe bursting sewer line replacement, a steelhead is pulled through your existing clay sewer pipe by a cable. This breaks up the old clay pipes to make room for a new polyethylene replacement pipe. The pipe bursting and replacement is one smooth process that eliminates the need to dig ugly trenches across your property.

Sewer Lateral Replacement

The sewer lateral is another name for the underground line that carries waste from your home to the street connection. Most older sewer laterals are constructed of 3-foot sections of terra cotta or clay pipe and connected with bell joints. Over time the clay pipes and mortar joint sealant cracks and breaks apart. This is usually due to shifting soil, frozen ground, tree roots, or simple age and use.

Replacing a Clay Sewer Pipe

When it’s time to replace the old clay sewer pipe between the street and your home, call us at Windsor Plumbing. We specialize in sewer pipe replacement. Sewer pipe is made from different materials, from cast iron to asbestos and cement, to high-density polyethylene. Each of these types of pipes has its own use. Call us at Windsor Plumbing to determine which application and installation procedure is best for your location.

When there is a breakdown in your basement or underground sewer lines, call Windsor Rooter & Plumbing at 614-626-7616 for professional sewer replacement services.