Sewer Line Repair Service

Cracked sewer pipes run mainly underground. This means lawns, gardens, patios, or driveways will often be destroyed in the process of broken sewer line repair.

The sewer repair contractor will likely require extra equipment to gain access to the sewer line. Whether the repair may be replacing a short length of pipe or removing tree roots, Windsor Plumbing is your sewer line repair service of choice around Columbus, Ohio.

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When to Call for Sewer Line Repair

As with many home repairs, the sooner you catch the issue, the less likely you’ll be paying for costly replacements.

Here are some signs you need sewer line repair:

  • Your toilet bowl water level is inconsistent
  • Animals are attracted to your yard
  • Your yard is soggy
  • Slow drains
  • Gurgling noise from your pipes
  • Rising water bill

If you experience any of these issues, it’s time to call Windsor Rooter at 614-626-7616 for sewer line repairs.

Sewer Line Repair Services

Property owners need sewer line repairs for a variety of reasons, including tree roots, frozen ground, built up soil, or simple wear and tear. And most importantly, a proper sewer line repair may save you from sewer line replacement.

Sewer line repair covered by insurance

Depending on your homeowner’s insurance policy, you may indeed have coverage for costs of plumbing sewer repair. It may also depend on the location of your line break. Homeowner’s policies often only cover sewer line repairs if they are under or nearby the home’s foundation. Therefore, if you have a sewer line repair covered by insurance, this can save you from high costs.

Sewer repair services covered by the homeowner

In many cases, there is no question about who is responsible for sewer line repair. It is usually up to the homeowner to pay the cost for sewer repair from the home to the street connection.

Main Sewer Line Repair Process

This is the general process for fixing sewer line used by a sewer repair company.

  1. Use a camera in the line, find the break & then use sonar to locate the camera & break
  2. Call OUPS; they will mark the nearby underground utilities within 48 hours
  3. Dig at the site of the break
  4. Cut out bad section, replace with new one
  5. Inspect & test
  6. Fill in excavated area

Trenchless Sewer Repair

One of the newest methods for sewer pipe leak repair uses trenchless technology, which can also be used for sewer installation. Sewer pipe repair without digging allows for faster repairs without destroying your yard or property. Important to many homeowners, trenchless sewer repair allows fewer cosmetic changes to the property that need remedied.

Sewer pipe repair without digging

With this type of repair, two small holes are dug on either side of the broken line. A breaker head is then pulled by cable through the problem area to clear the clay pipe and any obstacles. Then a new polyethylene pipe is inserted through the same channel. This therefore eliminates the need for digging long, ugly trenches.

Trenchless sewer pipe repair

We rarely need to dig a long trench, because of trenchless sewer technology and its exact method of diagnosing sewer pipe problems. Just about any problem can receive sewer pipe repair using trenchless technology.

At Windsor Plumbing, we have the necessary experience and equipment to perform residential sewer line repair using trenchless technology. We can also apply this technology when you need a sewer main installed.

Sewer Line Repair Options from Windsor Plumbing

Some reasons for sewer line repair include:

Sewer Line Repair Methods We Use

At Windsor Plumbing, we use video camera and sonar techniques to locate and repair broken sewer lines. Precise equipment allows us to locate and isolate the exact area that needs repair. Most important, we will only dig where we need to perform sewer line repair. Your property can be quickly returned to its original state once complete.

Additionally, another popular method of repair we use is Hydro Jetting for clearing tree roots, soil invasion, and backed up waste. This technique uses high-pressure water to blast obstructions out of the pipe. The high water pressure works faster than chemicals and is a much safer option. High pressure water can jet through grease or hair clogs, tree roots, soil, and more.

Another method of sewer line repair we use is the traditional snake method. This is where a long, rotating mechanical device is run through the line to clear out obstructions. The plumbing professional will run the snake through the cleanout drain and into the sewer pipe for short to medium distances to clear blockages.

Pipe lining may be an option for your sewer line repair. In this process we install a new sewer pipe inside the existing one. Because of this, it this helps keep the sewer line replacement cost down by reducing the amount of excavation necessary. Important to realize that the new line will be somewhat smaller than the old one.

Choose Windsor Plumbing for Sewer Pipe Repair

When you have recurring sewer backups or suspect you need sewer pipe repair in and around Columbus, Ohio, call Windsor Plumbing. We have the experience and expertise to repair all manner of sewer pipes and any type of clogged sewer line. We also have the tools and equipment to perform repairs in any location.

Call Windsor Plumbing at 614-626-7616 for sewer pipe repair today.

Cracked sewer pipe repair

We offer traditional replacement of cracked or broken sewer pipes, by trenching, removal, and replacing the damaged sections. With this method, we replace your existing type of sewer pipe with the same or better pipe. After locating the precise area of damage, we only dig where absolutely necessary to effect your repairs.

Cast iron sewer pipe repair

When repairing cast iron sewer pipes, we replace the damaged section completely with cast iron pipe. This is true whether the damage is underneath your home or underground between your home and the street. Cast iron pipe is a popular choice for commercial and residential sewer lines.

When you have a break in the lines underneath your home or need repairs between your home and the street connection, call Windsor Plumbing for professional sewer line repair service.