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Water in Basement

When you find water seeping into your basement, you know you have a problem. The issue is determining why there is water in basement areas and how to fix the problem.

Increase in Water Bill

When an unexpected change in your water bill occurs, this can be a sign that there is something amiss in your plumbing.

Leaking Pipe

Low water pressure and high utility bills are both signs that you may have a leaking pipe.

Leak Repair

Basement Water Leaks Basement water leaks can cause cracks in the basement flooring and walls. It is essential to properly repair these to prevent the spread of the crack and prevent undermining the foundation. Often, basement water leaks are the result of clogged drains or damaged sewer lines. When you contact us about basement water … Continued

Main Water Line Replacement in Columbus

Water Line Installation for New StructuresSometimes a water main line repair is not going to solve the problem and water line replacement is necessary.  Windsor Plumbing can take care of your water line installation from the street to your home or businesses. Depending on the circumstances, we may dig an open trench to lay the … Continued

Water Main Line Repair in Columbus

For main water line repairs in the Columbus area, trust Windsor Plumbing – call our team at 614-626-7616 today. Water Main Line Repair Process: Before any repair work can be done, we first locate the leak or damaged section in need of water main repair. Once the problem area has been located, permits must be … Continued