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Water in Basement

When you find water seeping into your basement, you know you have a problem. The issue is determining why there is water in basement areas and how to fix the problem.
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At Windsor Plumbing, our licensed and trained plumbing experts know how to identify why basement flooding occurs. We can fix the issue quickly for our customers in the Columbus OH area.

Water In Basement Problems

If you have water in basement areas, it is not a problem you want to ignore. Finished basements will have floors and walls ruined from the water and a mold problem can flourish. Even unfinished basements with flooding need to be fixed to ensure there is not foundation damage or other problems occurring. Finding the culprit is the first step in fixing the issue. You need to know why there is water is your basement and then hire the right professional to fix the problem.

Sump Pump Failure

One reason that basement flooding occurs is sump pump problems or failure. Homes with basements have a sump, a pit that collects water to keep it away from walls and the foundation. To keep the sump from overflowing and ending up with water in basement areas, a sump pump is needed. This device pumps water up and out of the sump when it reaches a certain level, removing it away from the home.

Sumps pumps are set-up to run automatically. Most are designed to use a float device that triggers the submersible pump to turn on when the water reaches a designated level. Many different issues can occur that cause the sump pump not to function as needed. It may be clogged, need service, lose power or could need replacement. Float switches can fail or you may need a new pump installed. If it is not working and water is leaking into your basement, our plumbers at Windsor Plumbing can troubleshoot the issue and complete the needed sump pump service.

Downspout Drain Issues

The downspout drain is meant to remove water from your roof and whisk it away from your foundation and basement. Unfortunately, when a downspout drain is not working correctly, you may end up with water flowing off the roof and next to your home. This can result in water in basement rooms, seeping in from the outside through your foundation walls.

Many different problems can occur with a downspout drain. It may become clogged, unable to divert heavy rain water to a storm drain. There could be damage to the drain or tile, causing the runoff water to accumulate around the foundation and penetrate the basement. You may need a downspout drain cleaning or complete replacement. Either of which our leak repair experts and plumbers can provide if that is the cause of water in basement areas.

Troubleshooting Water In Basement Problems

When you have water in your basement, you need to fix the issue right away. Serious damage can occur both inside your basement and to the foundation of your home, depending on the source of the leak. Our experienced plumbers and technicians at Windsor Plumbing are your local plumbing experts to troubleshoot basement flooding issues. We will find the source of your problem. Whether it is a plumbing leak, sump pump problem, downspout drain issue or a water heater leak, we can find the problem and fix it quickly.

At the first sign of water leaks in your basement, call Windsor Plumbing for an appointment. We have customer service representatives available to take care of your water problems. You can depend on us to troubleshoot the problem and find the source of your basement leak. We will get to work on resolving the issue to protect your home and property from further damage. You will always receive excellent service and reliable repairs whenever you choose Windsor Plumbing for your plumbing needs.