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Water Heater Leaking

Your water heater tank can develop a leak in lots of places, and for a variety of reasons. Even the smallest leak can cause you problems.
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Water Heater Leaking

We depend on our hot water heaters more than we realize. We even take them for granted, almost believing that they will last forever. Sadly, this is not the case. Your water heater tank can develop a leak in lots of places, and for a variety of reasons. Even the smallest leak can cause you water heater problems. Over time, that small leak becomes a large one, and your energy bill shows it. Other problems can arise from the leaking water and this is why you also want to make sure that your sump pump is always ready to perform. Flowing or standing water is not a problem to ignore, first you will want to use your main shut off valve to shut off the water to reduce water damage.

If you notice water standing or running around your water heater, or your energy bill is suddenly too high, give us a call and we will find out why your water heater is leaking. Our expert plumbers can diagnose the problem and give you a cost estimate for solution. And, if you so choose, we can make repairs or manage a water heater installation quickly and safely. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or water heater repair.

Water Heater Problems

Your water heater problems may first show up when there isn’t enough hot water for your needs. Or, the energy bill could be way too high. You could even hear strange noises coming from the tank. Whether you use electric water heaters or a gas water heater, problems can still arise as they become old and worn.

If you have any water heater problems, you should turn off the water, turn off the circuit breaker to the water heater, and call us at Windsor Plumbing. You could simply need an anode rod replacement, or a new drain valve. Or the tank could be beyond repair and need replacement. Our expert plumbers at Windsor Plumbing can get to the bottom of the issue quickly and propose the best solution.

Water Heater Service

When you need water heater service, our plumbers from Windsor Plumbing will perform a safe and complete check of your water heater and plumbing.

The process normally includes the following:

  1. Perform a visual inspection of the bottom of the tank and surrounding plumbing
  2. Smell for strange odors (a gas leak will smell of rotten eggs)
  3. Shut off the water supply to the tank
  4. Turn off the power to the tank
  5. Turn off the gas supply to the tank (for gas water heaters)
  6. Allow the tank and water to cool so there is only cold water
  7. Drain the tank
  8. Perform necessary tests
  9. Remove and inspect any fittings or components

After a complete inspection, our plumbers will likely find the cause of your water heater problem and offer a solution and cost estimate for repair.

Water Heater Repair

After a complete inspection of your water heater and its plumbing, a likely water heater repair solution will be found. The following are some of the most common problems we repair on both electric and gas water heaters:

  • Anode rod replacement

  • Leaky drain valve replacement

  • Heating element replacement

  • Leaky piping leading to or from the heater tank

  • Leaky heating element gaskets

  • Faulty T&P valve

  • Leaky inlet valve replacement

  • Faulty thermostat replacement

  • Loose wiring

  • Leaky gas valves or piping (gas water heater)

  • Faulty gas thermostat (gas water heater)

  • Pilot light issues (gas water heater)

  • Electric lighter issues (gas water heater)

  • Low gas pressure (gas water heater)

  • Blocked flue (gas water heater)

  • Burner problems (gas water heater)

  • Broken or damaged dip tube

  • Low hot water pressure

  • Strange noises coming from inside the water tank

  • Dirty or rust-colored water

  • Smelly water  

Our plumbers at Windsor Plumbing have the skills and know-how to repair any of these issues you may have with your gas or electric water heater. We also have access to the replacement parts you need quickly.

Water Heater Installation

Whether your old heater is dead or you are upgrading your home, Windsor Plumbing is your most reliable and affordable choice for water heater installation. Our plumbers know gas water heaters, electric water heaters, tankless models, point-of-use tanks, and various makes and models. We can help you choose the right water heater type and size for your needs, and install the water heater of your choice.

If your water heater is becoming old and has problems, it may be time to replace it. Being proactive and replacing your water heater is a good idea for two reasons:

  • Replacing your old water heater before a major breakdown allows you to choose the timing for replacing it. Emergency replacements never happen at the best time, for life or your wallet.

  • Every year, hot water heaters get more efficient. Installing a new water heater now could save money on your energy bill. Invest now and save, or replace later and possibly regret it.

When you need quality water heater installation services, contact our expert plumbers. We have the tools, skills, and experience to do the job right, every time. We can help you choose from gas or electric, tank or tankless options, and more. Our expert plumbers can offer advice on the best installation procedures and plumbing methods.

At Windsor Plumbing, we take pride in our quality customer service. Contact us when you need fast a reliable water heater service, repairs, or replacement. We are happy to schedule an inspection or emergency services at your earliest convenience.