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Recurring Sewer Backups

When water backs up in the sink or shower, or toilets stop up and overflow, you have real problems. More than likely, you have a sewer backup issue.
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Recurring Sewer Backups

No one wants to deal with sewer problems. Simple clogs are easy to fix. But when water backs up in the sink or shower, or toilets stop up and overflow, you have real problems. More than likely, you have a sewer backup issue and are in need of sewer cleaning. If this has happened more than once, it could be more serious than you thought and you have probably been facing recurring sewer backups.

Windsor Plumbing offers sewer services including sewer line repair. We understand that you can’t plan ahead for these types of problems. We will dispatch one of our plumbing repair experts as fast as possible to perform a sewer inspection and determine the cause of your recurring sewer backups.  We will provide you with solutions and cost estimates to get you a resolution to your sewer backup fast.

Sewer Inspection Services

We will begin by performing a complete sewer inspection for blocked lines. This includes all sewer lines leading from your home to the municipal connection. Windsor Plumbing has state-of-the-art equipment needed to perform sewer inspection. This allows us to accurately pinpoint the location and identify the blockage.

The three most common reasons for sewer backups we find are:
  • Tree and Shrub Roots – A tree root craves water and will seek out any source, even your sewer lines. They can crack and penetrate old lines and grow within, causing serious clogs.
  • Foreign Debris Clogs – Materials that do not break down or mix with regular sewage cause these clogs. Items like grease, oil, paper, baby wipes, and feminine products.
  • Broken or Sagging Sewer Pipes – Old pipes that are broken or collapse will cause sewer backups. Even a sagging line will cause a buildup that eventually becomes a blockage.

Sewer Cleaning Services near Columbus OH

Clogged showers, toilets, or clogged drains causing water to back up means sewer cleaning services are necessary. Do not settle for some service company giving you an estimate over the telephone. Often the problems are not as obvious as you would think and a sewer inspection is in order. Diagnosing and fixing sewer and drainage problems can be complex. A qualified plumber from Windsor Plumbing will be able to identify the source problem and find the best solution.

Sewer cleaning process

When you need sewer cleaning services in or near Columbus, Ohio, your first call should be to Windsor Plumbing. Our sewer cleaning services usually begin at the sewer cleanout. This is a y-shaped pipe with a cap that allows access to the main sewer line running out of your home. With this access to your home sewer system and its connection to the main line, we can use whatever methods are necessary to perform a thorough cleanout.

We will often use a sewer rooter tool. The sewer rooter is a long, snake-like metal line with different heads that we can attach to the end. The line is fed into the cleanout pipe until it reaches the problem area. We then use a rotating head on the end to break up the blockage.

This is often the best way to get rid of many different types of clogs, including grease, hair, foreign objects, and even tree roots. But, it’s not the best tool for every problem. The sewer rooter isn’t long enough to reach all the way through your main sewer line. And, some blockages are simply too difficult for the tool to break up.

Hydro Jetting Sewer Lines

Hydro jetting is another great tool in our arsenal. We use water pressure to blast through obstructions in the sewer line. Your garden hose does not have enough pressure to handle this job. We bring a system that produces a stream of high-pressured water to scour the interior surfaces of the plumbing pipes. This removes any clogs and also blasts away scale, grease, and other debris that has built up in the pipe walls over time.

The combination of a powered cutting tool and multi-directional high-pressure water cleans away any clog or debris. In fact, the scouring action of hydro jetting leaves the interior surfaces of your sewer pipes so clean, it will prevent recurring buildup and keep your lines free flowing much longer without delay.

Sewer Repair Methods

When your sewer lines have collapsed or are so clogged that they cannot be cleaned out, it’s time to repair the lines. At Windsor Plumbing, we have several ways to repair old sewer lines. The method we use depends on your needs and desires.

The traditional method is to locate the broken sewer line section, dig it out, and lay a new section of pipe. This new section is connected to the old, then tested for leaks. When the job is complete, we replace the dirt over the pipe. Of course, this leaves an ugly scar on your yard or property. Depending on the size of the repair, it could be quite large.

Another method we use takes advantage of trenchless technology. Only two small holes are dug, one at each end of the repair site. Then, a new resin-coated lining is pulled through the section to be repaired. It is then inflated and allowed to harden. This makes a new length of sewer pipe within your old broken pipe. The damage to your property is much less.

Sewer Replacement

When you need complete sewer replacement service, call us at Windsor Plumbing. We can complete the job by digging only a few small holes. We pull a pipe bursting head through your old sewer line to break it apart, leaving the old pieces safely in the ground. Then a new polyethylene replacement pipe is inserted through the old pipe channel. The pipe sections are sealed together to create long sections of line without joints that could possibly leak.

This newer, stronger polyethylene sewer pipe runs through your old sewer line shaft underground, replacing the old broken pipe. We prefer this process at Windsor Plumbing for replacing the sewer pipe from house to street or for replacing damaged sections of line. Because only a few small holes are of need, the damage to your yard and property is kept to a minimum. Most importantly, this also saves you on expensive landscaping repair costs.

Settling in Yard Solutions

If you have settled sections of your yard that leave noticeable low spots, this is most likely a drainage issue. Call us at Windsor Plumbing to assess the problem and discover a solution. It may be a simple need for a downspout drain pipe to channel water away. It may require more extensive services like drain cleaning services or sewer line repair.

When the water isn’t draining, inside or outside your home, contact Windsor Plumbing. We are the sewer backup repair service experts in Columbus, Ohio.