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Need Sewer Main Installed

The plumbing inside a building needs to connect to city sewer lines. We refer to the pipe that connects a building’s drain system to the public sewer system as a sewer main.
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Sewer main is not installed by the city

It is the property owner’s responsibility to have this plumbing line installed and connected to the city sewer system.

This is usually done by a plumbing contractor hired for the construction project if you need sewer main installed for new construction.

Windsor Plumbing has installed new sewer mains for new construction projects in all parts of Columbus, OH and the surrounding area. We have the manpower and experience to handle any size of project. We have installed new sewer mains in large residential developments and for individual homes. Windsor Plumbing has served as the plumbing contractor on large commercial and industrial projects in Columbus, as well.

Sewer Installation in Columbus OH

Columbus wastewater flows through the city sewer system to the city treatment facilities. Rural areas use individual septic systems for wastewater treatment. Cities, like Columbus, use large treatment plants to handle the large amount of waste water. The City of Columbus has specific building codes which must be followed when you need sewer installation and water service take place. Windsor Plumbing knows and follows these local codes to the letter. We know the requirements to get permits from the city zoning office. They know us well and recognize our expertise in this area which makes Windsor Plumbing an excellent choice when you need sewer main installed for new construction.

Sewer pipe installation for commercial construction

Industrial and commercial construction projects require a different level of sanitary sewer knowledge. The plumbing service for industrial plants can be complex. Water and sewer lines carry a much larger amount for many of these projects.

Windsor Plumbing has the experience and know-how needed to handle these types of commercial sewer connections when you need sewer main installed for new construction. We will work with you in the early planning phases. We will make sure every part of the project has proper approval by state and city entities. Your sewer and plumbing are in expert hands with Windsor Plumbing.

Public Sewer System Installation for Developments

Windsor Plumbing has been around long enough to watching the city of Columbus grow over the past couple of decades. We have installed the plumbing and sewer lines for dozens of developments over the years. Developers count on us to help their projects run smoothly and finish on time. Our reputation for quality work and strong relationships with Columbus OH contractors keep us on their preferred vendor lists when they need sewer main installed. 

When developers need a sewer main installed for new construction, they can count on Windsor Plumbing. We have the manpower necessary to handle these large projects. We know the regulations and codes for sewer line installation in Columbus OH developments. Meeting scheduled deadlines are a priority for developers. With this is in mind, Windsor Plumbing consistently comes through with timely completion of sewer line installation and hookup. For that reason we are the company to call for sewer system installation for Columbus OH developments.

Sewer Line Installation for New Homes

Many new home owners in the Columbus, Ohio area prefer to build in a non-traditional development. Windsor Plumbing does sewer line installation for individual homes too. We can be the plumbing contractor for the entire home. This includes installing and connecting the sewer main from the house to the public sewer system.

We can be an important resource for new homeowners once sewer line installation is complete. Teaching each homeowner where sewer shut-offs are located and when they might be needed is important to us. Subsequently, we will also instruct homeowners on how to recognize a possible problem with their sewer main. We know a well-informed homeowner will be able to better maintain their home. Many homeowners call us years later when they have a plumbing fixture needing repairs or replacement. Windsor Plumbing should be your first call when you need sewer main installed for new construction.

Sewer or septic system - pros and cons

In most cases, a homeowner doesn’t have a choice. They either need a septic tank or need to connect to a public sewer system. The location of your property determines which sewer system you will use.

You will need to connect to the city water treatment system if it reaches your area. If your location is more rural, you may need to install a septic system on your property. In either case, Windsor Plumbing can connect your plumbing to the sewer or septic system. We understand how both these systems work. It really isn’t a matter of pros and cons, but which system is most beneficial for your location.

New Sewer Main Installation in Columbus OH

When it comes to experience and expertise, Windsor Plumbing can’t be beat. Our reputation among contractors in Columbus OH speaks for itself. We can be trusted for all types of new sewer main installation. Windsor Plumbing can handle the whole job, from the plumbing system install to the final hookup to sewer and water.

No job is too big or too small. You can call us to unclog a drain or to install plumbing in an industrial building. We have crews of all sizes and areas of expertise. Windsor Plumbing experts can also do sewer line replacement and repairs. We are truly your full-service plumbing and sewer line experts. Contact us at Windsor Plumbing, we will be ready to address your needs.