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Leaking Pipe

Low water pressure and high utility bills are both signs that you may have a leaking pipe.
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Fix Leaking Pipe

Leaks are a common problem. Windsor Plumbing has seen every type of leak you can imagine, and we can manage your leak repair, too.

  • Drain pipes
  • Galvanized pipes
  • Copper water pipe
  • Plastic pipes
  • Steel pipes
  • Cast iron sewer line
  • Terra cotta sewer line

We can find and fix leaking pipe under stone, block, concrete foundations, basements, walls, or floors. Repairs under some of these materials may call for demolition and rebuilding if leaks are allowed to continue. Small leaks can lead to expensive repairs in a short time. If you believe you need help to fix leaking pipe under or around your home, call us at Windsor Plumbing.

There are times when we can reroute water or other lines and simply cap off existing lines that run under concrete or other hard surfaces to prevent costly repairs. Every leak is different. Windsor Plumbing will explain all the options to repair your leaking pipe.

Copper pipe leak

Pinhole leaks in copper pipes are a common problem. Pitted corrosion can eat away at the inside lining of copper plumbing and eventually wear a hole through.

Some causes of this wear:
  • High chlorine levels in the water supply
  • Corrosion from rusted water heaters
  • Old, rusty steel water pipes
  • High water pressure
  • High pH levels in the water
  • Other chemical factors in soil and water

With these things and more at work, over time, any weakened piece of pipe can develop a leak.

There are several methods to fix a copper pipe. If there is a single pinhole, or a few holes all in one piece of pipe, simply replace the holed pipe. If your copper plumbing is less than 20 years old, this could have been a weak piece of pipe.

When you solder two pipes together, this joint can sometimes be weak and eventually leak.This is because the joint material is weaker than the copper line. In these cases, Windsor Plumbing can quickly and easily re-solder the lines and fix the leak.

If you keep getting pinhole leaks, even in long, straight pipes, and your plumbing is over 20 years old, it’s time for a full plumbing inspection. These are signs that a major plumbing leak or breakdown could be flowing your way. Contact Windsor Plumbing right away for an inspection.

Pipe Leak Repair Outdoors

Exterior piping, like a sewage pipe leak, can also become a costly mess if not fixed quickly. Leaking sewage and wastewater presents a health hazard to everyone near the leak. When you need a pipe leak repair outdoors, call us at Windsor Plumbing. Our plumbers are skilled at finding and fixing leaks in underground pipes.

Sewage pipe leak

A sewage pipe leak is a real mess if it is underneath your home. Sewer leaks can also bubble to the surface in your yard. Both of these are health hazards to your family and guests. Windsor Plumbing has the tools and skills to find the precise location of your sewer leak, even underground. We use sonar and cameras to find the leak so we only do the smallest amount of damage to your property.

Sewer pipe leak repair

Once we locate the source of the sewer leak, Windsor Plumbing can repair it in a few ways. Location and the type of leak help determine the best way to repair it. At Windsor Plumbing, we will share the least invasive way to repair your sewer pipe and give you a cost estimate. We can do the repairs quickly and safely with the least amount of damage to your property. Handling a sewer line repair is something best left to the professionals.

Don’t settle for just any plumber when it comes to leaking pipes. Contact the leak repair specialists at Windsor Plumbing.