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Increase in Water Bill

When an unexpected change in your water bill occurs, this can be a sign that there is something amiss in your plumbing.
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Increase in Water Bill

When an unexpected change in your water bill occurs, this can be a sign that something is amiss in your plumbing. Unless your water use changes expectedly due to using an irrigation system, filling a pool or spa, or other unusual circumstances, an increase in water bill charges should be viewed as a warning. If you have a water bill that is suddenly higher than normal, pay attention. You may have a serious plumbing leak which needs repaired that is causing this increase in water bill charges and needs immediate attention.

Finding Plumbing Leak Problems

One of the main reasons for a increase in water bill charges is a leak in your plumbing and speedy leak detection needs to be a priority. Water is escaping somewhere from a plumbing leak or other issue, increasing the water usage of your household. This results in a higher water bill. Some leaks are quite obvious; a dripping pipe under the sink or a running toilet are leaks that you may notice. However, there are also plumbing leaks that can be hidden behind walls, in your basement, under concrete slabs or underground, allowing water to seep out of your pipes. In due time this will not only will this cause a increase in water bill charges. It can also cause serious and expensive damage to your home and property.

Finding the leak is one of the first steps to solving your increase in water bill problem. Windsor Plumbing offers plumbing leak detection to find where the excess water is going and offers solutions to fix the problem. This can include using digital camera inspections looking through indoor and outdoor water pipes to find the source of the leak. Windsor Plumbing professionals will then determine the best option to fix the problem.

Is There Flooding in Yard or House?

An increase in water bill charges may be a subtle indicator of a plumbing problem. A more blatant sign of a plumbing leak is flooding in yard or house. In the home, leaks are more noticeable. You may see water stains on ceilings or notice a wet carpet or floor. There could be pooling water in the basement or in other areas. However, when the flooding occurs outside, it may not be as easy to detect your plumbing leak. Sooner or later, a professional will have to deal with it. 

A water pipe leak can occur underground or under a patio, making it difficult to detect at first. If the leak is in your main water line, it can seep into the ground and be invisible due to reabsorption. When the leak is continuous, it will eventually surface. You may notice wet or soggy areas in your lawn or the erosion of dirt, causing a sinkhole in your yard.

Water Line Repair Options

Often plumbing leaks are due to a crack or break in a water line. If water is leaking out of a pipe, a water main line repair may be the best solution. Our experts at Windsor Plumbing can find the exact spot of the water line problem, even if it is underground. We will then complete a water line repair. The extent of the repair will depend on the damage. It may require replacement for portion of the water line, or possibly options to repair the leak in the pipe.

At times, an issue may require a water line repair to be made underground. Windsor Plumbing uses the latest technology to minimize the disruption to your yard during a water line repair. In some cases, very little digging is needed for leak repair in a water line. Yet again, other water line issues may require the removal of the pipe and even a complete water line replacement.

Water Line Replacement to Stop Leaks

If a water line repair cannot be easily done, it may need complete replacement. Our licensed and certified plumbers perform water line replacement when need arises to stop leaks and flooding. Water lines are made to last for decades, but eventually in the long run they can break and spring a leak. Common culprits of water line issues include tree root invasion, pipe corrosion, rusting and damage from exterior sources.

Water line replacement can include replacing the entire water line from your connection to the main city water line to your home. This can mean removal of the entire water line and need for new pipe insertion underground. In some cases, only a portion of the water line needs replacement. Our expert technicians at Windsor Plumbing can determine the best option to stop the leak and restore your plumbing to good working order.

Increase in Water Bill Charges? Call Windsor Plumbing

If you have flooding in yard or house or an increase in water bill charges, these can be signs of a plumbing leak at your home. You may need a water line repair or water line replacement to stop the leak and prevent further damage to your home and property. Contact our experienced, reliable team of plumbers at Windsor Plumbing to schedule an inspection. We offer plumbing leak detection, affordable water line repair and water line replacement, with service available 24/7 any day of the week for our customers in the greater Columbus, OH area. Call us right away when you suspect a plumbing leak in your home.