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Doing Renovations to Existing Sewer System

There can be many reasons for doing renovations to an existing sewer system. Usually the reason is related to problems with the main sewer line.
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There can be many reasons for doing renovations to existing sewer system. Usually the reason is related to problems with the main sewer line. This is the sewer pipe that connects the plumbing of the building to the public sewer system. This pipe is the responsibility of the property owner. If changes or sewer line repairs are imminent, an expert plumbing contractor will need to do the work. Windsor Plumbing is the top choice for sewer system work in the Columbus OH area.

There are several steps that need to be taken prior to doing renovations to existing sewer system. Proper closing of valves in the sewer line is one of the first. Finding possible problem areas is another. Windsor Plumbing has the knowledge you count on from professionals. Without a doubt, we handle everything properly the first time. 

Be assured, we close all valves to prevent any backflow into your home. We will use state-of-the-art technology to perform sewer inspection to locate clogs, leaks or breaks. As we locate your issues, we will inform you of our findings. Then we will provide you with solution options, along with estimates. We will arm you with the right information to make your decisions about doing renovations to existing sewer system.

Sewer Inspection to Find Problems

Experience is very important when it comes to sewer line repair and replacement. Windsor Plumbing uses a video camera attached to a line to inspect sewer lines. This allows us to see the interior of the entire pipe as the camera travels through it. When we do find problem areas, we can clearly tell what the issue is when we perform sewer inspection. We can even show you the video to explain what we found.

Video camera inspection of sewer lines can find problems like:
  • Broken sewer line

  • Blockage by tree roots

  • Clogged drains from hair and grease

  • Disconnected joints

  • Crushed sewer pipe

  • Frozen pipe bursting

Traditional sewer inspection uses more guesswork than facts. With video inspection, we can see what the problem is. We can also pinpoint the location that needs sewer line repair or sewer cleaning. Not every plumbing company offers these services.

Sewer Replacement of Damaged Pipe

Sometimes a sewer pipe is not eligible for repair, and you need to consider your sewer replacement options . This used to mean digging up the entire sewer main. This was costly and disruptive of property. In most cases today, Windsor Plumbing can do trenchless sewer replacement.

Trenchless sewer replacement uses only one or two small holes to replace your sewer pipe. Digging up the line is not necessary. Instead, we create a new pipe lining inside your existing sewer main. This type of sewer line replacement saves time and hassle. The lining material used for trenchless sewer repair is strong. It will serve as your new sewer main pipe for many years to come.

Sewer Repair of Main Line

Replacement of your sewer line is not always necessary. Many times we can simply repair the problem with your sewer line. There may be an improper connection joint that needs to be fixed. Sometimes pipe junctions become disconnected. Other times it is the valve at the building or at the curb that needs to be repaired. Windsor Plumbing is an expert at determining what the problem is and how best to repair it. We can also be of help with water main line repair.

Sewer Cleaning of Blocked Line

One of the most common services we offer is clearing of blocked sewer lines. Sewer lines can become clogged, hampering waste flow. This is usually realized when the kitchen sink or bathtub begins to drain slower than usual. If you ignore these early warning signs, you may end up with a sewer backup.

Sewer backups due to a blocked line are not pleasant. Usually, it starts with an overflowing toilet or water backing up into a shower. These problems can also be caused by a single clogged plumbing drain. If normal plunging does not clear the drain, contact us right away.

We can determine if the problem is a clogged pipe or a clogged sewer line. We offer both sewer cleaning and drain cleaning services. You can count on us to find the source of the problem and fix it.

Hydro jet sewer cleaning

Many times clogged drain pipes are cleared only to clog again. This is usually because the original problem was not completely eliminated. Clogs often form as hair, grease and other debris accumulates in one area of your pipe. Rough deposits on the interior of your pipes snag hair and other small debris and the clog builds. Other times, it is tiny tree roots pushing their way into your sewer line that are blocking the flow. Just because you get a drain to flow again doesn’t mean you’ve cleared away all the debris.

Windsor Plumbing uses hydro jetting to completely clear stubborn clogs and tree roots from drains. This pressurized water system is completely safe for your pipes and does a very thorough job. Many times, using hydro jetting can remove corrosion inside your pipes, helping prevent clogs in the future.

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement in Columbus OH

Our plumbing experts are experienced in sewer line repair and replacement in Columbus Ohio. For years we have been known as the sewer line experts. As our customers continued to request more plumbing services, we have expanded to meet those needs. Today you can call on us to fulfill all your residential and commercial plumbing needs.

In addition to sewer line repair and clearing of clogged drains, Windsor Plumbing also offers complete plumbing services, including:
  • Sewer installation for new construction

  • Plumbing system installation

  • Installation of plumbing fixtures

  • Video camera sewer line inspection

  • Trenchless sewer line replacement

Our plumbing technicians are highly trained and skilled at their work. In addition, Windsor Plumbing prides itself on top-shelf customer service. We are quick to respond to calls. We never do work without the express approval of the customer on the work to be done and the price. Showing up when scheduled is the standard for us, not the exception. Contact us if you have questions about our procedures, we will be happy to discuss your needs.

For affordable sewer repair pricing, state-of-the-art solutions and quality customer care in Columbus, Ohio, contact Windsor Plumbing.