Clogged Toilet Drain

Dealing with a clogged toilet drain can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a variety of home remedies that can help solve the problem. When they don’t work you should call in the professionals. Windsor’s plumbing professionals will solve your clogged toilet problems and get things running smoothly for you again.
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Clogged Toilet Blues

Have you had the experience of going to flush the toilet only to have the water swirl around and rise in the toilet bowl? can be unnerving. Depending on the circumstances, you may have an idea of why the toilet is clogged. On the other hand, there may not be an obvious reason.

There are as many ways to clog a toilet as you can imagine. Curious children love to see how the toilet works. Young kids like to see what floats and what disappears down the drain. Toy cars, washcloths, stuffed animals, and socks are just a few of the objects used in these experiments. Too much toilet paper is another problem that is often encountered with kids and toilets. Some of these problems can be handled without a plumber. At other times a plumber is needed.

An object can get stuck in the pipes farther down the line making it more difficult to solve the problem. When this is the case home remedies will not be enough. You will need a plumber to free the pipes up so that waste can move easily. In fact, an object stuck further down in the plumbing system can cause a major back up. More debris catches on the object and makes the obstruction worse.

What to do when toilet water rises

When you see the toilet filling up with water, you can prevent it from completely overflowing. Take the top off the tank and close the water flapper. This will prevent more water from entering the toilet bowl. You can also turn off the water supply to the toilet. The knob is usually right behind or next to the toilet.

You may not be aware that there is a problem with the pipes unless you have some unusual circumstances. For example if the water level in the toilet changes and overflows when you run the washing machine, you probably have a problem with the sewer drain. Anytime you get water backing up in your toilet, shower or tub, you should make a call to the Windsor Plumbing.

Unclog a Toilet with Home Remedies

You may not be aware of all the home remedies available to take care of simple blockages. Usually you reach for the plunger to give the toilet a good drain cleaning. With any luck a few plunges will clear the problem. Unfortunately a toilet plunger may not always be handy. In this case, you need other options and many are available. Some home remedies you will need to use with caution.

Pantry solutions

Baking soda and vinegar are old standbys for cleaning out slow or clogged drains. Just pour some baking soda in the toilet once the water goes down as far as it will. After you put in the baking soda, add some vinegar. Let this sit for a while and the clog should disappear. Don’t flush the toilet immediately. You need to give the solution time to work.

Another simple remedy for getting rid of minor toilet clogs is to use dish soap. Give a good squeeze and let it sit for a while. When you see the water in the bowl begin to go down you can try flushing the toilet.

If you suspect grease based clog

Often fats buildup in the drain and cause waste to form a clog. These types of clogs can be easily eliminated. Let the water level get as low as possible then carefully pour hot water into the toilet. You need to be cautious with this remedy. Do no use boiling water, use hot water from the sink. If the water is too hot it can cause the porcelain to heat up and possibly crack. This of course will be more of a problem than the clog. The other issue with very hot water is that the wax seal between the drain pipe and the toilet could melt. This could cause water to leak out onto the floor. Again, this is an additional problem you do not want to encounter.

A water closet auger or plumber’s snake can be used to remove any items that may be clogging the pipe. Be sure to use rubber gloves if you have to remove something from the auger. This will prevent contamination of your skin.

Avoid chemical drain cleaners

Avoid using drain cleaners to take care of the problem. These are usually made with harsh chemicals. These chemicals can cause damage to drain pipes and they are not good for the environment. Some may cause corrosion in the pipes and some pipes may be ruined by chemical drain cleaners.

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When Home Remedies Don’t Work

Home remedies should work on minor clogs. When you have a major obstruction or a serious problem such as a sewer line clog, call the professionals. You may have a clogged toilet for less obvious reasons, and drain cleaning is on order.

The way in which a toilet is installed can affects its performance. If the toilet drain is not installed properly, the result could be frequent clogging. Older toilets can present problems also. Sometimes older fixtures don’t work as well anymore and they start clogging up more frequently. If repairs cannot be made, these old relics need to be replaced. Newer toilet models are more efficient, saving water and money.

You may have a clogged toilet drain along with a clogged sink or shower drain. This indicates a larger problem. You could have a blockage somewhere in the sewer line or in the main sewer line. Windsor Plumbing professionals have the expertise and tools to determine exactly where the blockage is. We also use the most efficient method of removal for the clog.

When you notice that there is a drainage problem, turn off the water and contact us. We provide emergency service twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Putting off repairs can cause a bad problem to become much worse. It could cost you in time and money.

Our equipment allows us to quickly find and assess the source of your plumbing issues. We will explain the cause of the problem and provide advice on how to keep it from happening again in order to help you save money and time.

If you want your clogged toilet fixed right the first time contact Windsor Plumbing. We provide excellent, efficient service to our customers. Remember, we are available all the time for emergency calls. We are a local family owned business serving central Ohio. You can rely on us for repairs, replacement, drain cleaning and all your plumbing needs. Contact us today to resolve your plumbing issue.

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