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Clogged Sewer Line

Not only is it difficult to handle clogged sewer lines on your own, it can be hazardous if you do not have the proper equipment and training. Windsor Plumbing has licensed professionals who have expertise in sewer cleaning and unclogging sewer lines.
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Discovering a Main Sewer Line Clog

You may first discover the problem when you have clogged drains and you try all methods of drain cleaning to no avail. Multiple clogged drains are an indication of a larger issue. Addressing the problem as soon as you notice it is the only way to keep main sewer line clog costs low and avoid the need for sewer line repair. Waiting to fix the problem can be hazardous if people become exposed to contaminated water, and it could lead to more expensive repairs.  Keep in mind that when you have a main sewer line is clog it may take a while for the symptoms to show up.

Identifying where the sewer line clog may be is crucial. It may seem as though the problem may be coming from a drain pipe or somewhere in the drain line. Our professionals have tools including video inspection equipment to find the exact source of the problem. Many plumbing companies are not set up to discover the exact location of a blockage. Windsor professionals have expertise and tools to remedy the plumbing issue you may encounter.

A main sewer line clog can result in additional problems with your plumbing system. A sewer backup problem can look like an issue with the sewer drain. If it’s bad enough it can also look like a problem with other drains such as the shower drain. Using a drain snake will not solve the problem if you have a main sewer line is clog.

Clearing clogged sewer lines with hydro jetting

Using drain cleaners will not help clogged sewers. One way to get sewers cleared of blockages is to use hydro jetting. The specialized nozzles will blast through the clog so that the pipes become clear of debris and can function smoothly again.

The hydro jet hose may be fed through the clogged sewer line clean out. When the nozzle reaches the blockage, high pressure water is used to clear the pipes. The nozzle forces water in both directions to break up the clog, thus clearing the pipes so sewage is free to flow again. Clearing the clogged sewer line cost will depend on how extensive the problem is.

Knowing when clogged sewer line repair is needed

The use of video cameras helps to determine whether or not damage has occured to the sewer pipes in addition to locating where the blockage is located. Sewer line replacement will be in order if there is sufficient damage to the pipes. Sometimes tree roots will cause a problem and require replacement to part of the line.

At Windsor Plumbing, we use a sewer jetter to clear the clogged lines. This device is a high pressure water jet that uses special nozzles to clear out the clogged sewer pipes. These nozzles can cut through tree roots when they are causing blockages. When tree roots cause damage, one must usually consider replacement of the line.

Sewer Line Backup

Many homes may experience a sewer line backup at some point. There are signs that a problem is brewing. When your drains start giving off a bad smell you may have a drainage issue. Generally more than one drain that is causing problems or smelling bad is an indication of a problem with the main sewer line and the need for sewer line cleaning.

The main sewer line is what carries waste water from your home to the sewer. There are several branches off the main sewer line within your home that lead to the various drains, such as sinks, showers, toilets, etc. It is possible to have a clog at any point within the plumbing system. It could occur at one drain or it could occur at a branch off the main line, only affecting those drains on that branch.

When a toilet won’t flush, a plunger doesn’t help, and other drains are not working either, you have a backup problem. It is important to have line cleared as soon as possible. You do not want to expose your family to contaminated water. If it is your business which is experiencing the backup, it could cost you customers. Fortunately, Windsor Plumbing is available to help with these types of situations.

A blocked main sewer line changes everything

All the drains in the house will eventually show impact when you have a blocked main sewer line.  When you first notice a bad smell coming from a drain or have more than one drain that isn’t working properly, it is time to call in the professionals.

Outside your home if you see drainage around the sewer clean out, you probably have a blockage in the main sewer line. The sewer clean out has a cap on it and it can be seen on the ground near the house. Sometimes the caps are marked so you know they are sewer cleanouts

Another indication that you have a blocked main sewer line is if you flush the toilet and water backs up in the shower. The way the plumbing system works, when there is a problem in the main sewer pipe, multiple drains are affected since the waste water has no place to go.

Sometimes a main sewer pipe can be damaged due to tree roots or old age. Older pipes will eventually fail and need to be replaced. The professionals as Windsor Plumbing will work to keep your main sewer line clog repair cost as low as possible. With our equipment, we are able to find the blockage and remove it.  Our use of video camera can determine the extent of any damage and what we can do to repair or replace the pipe.

Unclog sewer line with hydro jetting

There are times when the traditional plumber’s snake can do the trick to unclog a pipe. This tried and true method works in many instances; however hydro jetting clears the blockage and cleans the pipes so that sewage and wastewater can move smoothly through the pipes.

At Windsor Plumbing we work to keep the cleaning of blocked sewer lines cost as low as possible. Specifically, we determine the most efficient method of unclogging the pipes to save you time and money. Once we clean your pipes, we will also explain to you what you can do to keep them running smoothly for a long time to come.

Windsor Plumbing is here to take care of your plumbing issues. Call us if your drains are running slowly and the home remedies are not working. As previously shown, harsh chemicals are not going to get the job done. We can get your drains working beautifully again. Our systems will remove the deposits that buildup on pipes and cause problems.

Contact us when you first suspect sewer problems. Keep your family safe from contaminated water and have the job done right the first time. When you have a plumbing situation, contact Windsor Plumbing. We provide you with excellent service for all your plumbing needs.