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Clogged Drain

A clogged drain is one of the most common plumbing problems we find. The clog can be located in the plumbing system or in the sewer drain pipe.
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A clog may be caused by hair that has washed down the drain of the shower, tub or sink. It could be a toy accidentally flushed down a toilet. Or perhaps grease and food pieces causing a problem in the kitchen. These can eventually lead to a clogged sewer drain, as well. But sewer lines can also become clogged with tree roots or by the line being crushed or broken underground.

Clear Clogged Drain with Hydro Jetting

Windsor Plumbing provides property owners with the widest range of preferred choices to clear clogged drains. We have all the standard tools available. We use plumber’s snakes, and additionally we have the more powerful option of using pressurized water.

Pressurized water or hydro jetting can take out the most difficult of clogs. The powerful water shoots water in both directions to clear your pipe. In addition to clearing out the clog, the water power can also clean roughness from the walls of your pipes. Smooth, clean drain pipes are less likely to form clogs again in the future. This means you are less likely to need us to clear something like a bathtub drain clog in the near future.

Grease is one of the most common causes of kitchen drain clogs in homes and restaurants. You should NEVER pour grease or oil from food down a plumbing drain. However, some grease will always make its way down the drain when washing dishes and pans. This grease can build up as it cools in the drain pipe and gradually clog your kitchen drain. 

Clogged sink drain - what to do

A clogged sink can be a real problem. The first tool to be reached for almost any clogged drain is your plunger. Many times the air pressure created from the plunger is enough to unclog your kitchen sink. If you have a double sink, you will need to make sure the second sink drain is closed. Otherwise, the pressure applied to one drain may just push out the second drain without reaching the clog. Plungers require a good seal around the drain to work.

If the plunger is unable to unclog the drain, you may need to remove the trap. Underneath every kitchen sink you will find a U-shaped pipe. This is called the sink trap. Sometimes, this is where clogs form. If you have the right tools and know-how, this is something many people can handle themselves.

Water will be come out when that pipe connection is opened. Before unhooking the sink drain pipe, you will need to have a pail ready to catch the water. You will also need to be prepared for the fact that the clog may not be in the trap. If not, then it’s time to call a plumber to perform drain cleaning.  Windsor Plumbing has years of experience locating clogs in drain pipes. We have the right tools to get it done quickly and get it done right.

Kitchen drain clogged by grease

Sometimes, pouring boiling water down your kitchen drain will be enough to get rid of the grease in the drain. However, you do run the risk of that grease cooling again when it hits the cold sewer drain pipe. This can be the beginning of a new clog starting in your sewer drain pipe underground.

What is the clog and where is it located?

The biggest problem with any clogged drain is that you don’t know what is causing the clog. Is it grease? Hair? A solid object? Many times it’s a combination of things.

The other problem is finding out where the clog is. Is it in the sink trap or in another part of the pipe? Perhaps it's in the plumbing pipes or is it in the sewer drain pipe? If you have a garbage disposal, you have another complication added to the problem.

For times when the clog is located in the underground sewer pipe, Windsor Plumbing has video sewer pipe inspection equipment. This allows us to see exactly what is blocking the drain and where the clog is. We get rid of all the guesswork involved, thereby solving the problem quicker.

With the top technology used by Windsor Plumbing, plumbing problems are easier to diagnose and fix. This means we are in and out of your home or business quicker. We want you to go on with life as usual as quickly as possible.

Bathtub Drain Clogged by Hair

Long, shiny hair is a beautiful thing, but it can create some big problems when you find your bathtub drain clogged. Those long hairs are easily caught in your drain, collecting more hairs after each bath or shower. You can help keep this issue from getting out of hand by removing your drain cap occasionally. After removing the cap, remove the hair visible at the entry to the drain pipe. Even with this kind of maintenance, hair can move further down the drain pipe and create a clog in your drain.

Do you have a slow draining tub? If your tub seems to be draining slower and slower each time, you may have a bathtub drain clog developing. If clearing hair out of the opening of the drain doesn’t improve the flow, you may need our help. Call Windsor Plumbing to schedule a drain cleaning before the problem gets worse.

Clogged tub drain, again?

Have you had to unclog your tub or shower drain multiple times? Repeated clogs in the same drain shows that the clog has never been completely cleared. Each time you “unclog” your drain, you are removing some of the clog. This allows water to flow again, but that’s not enough.

When someone doesn't remove a clog completely completely, rough surfaces remain that easily begin collecting hair and other residue. The clog simply begins rebuilding on the leftovers from the previous buildup. At Windsor Plumbing, we’ve seen this happen many times. When our professional plumbers clean a clog out of your tub drain, we will do a thorough job. We’ll make sure the entire clog is taken care of, right down to the walls of the pipe.

Clogged bathroom drain answers

The first step to unclog a bathroom drain is to try simple air pressure to remove the clog. A toilet plunger has a nickname of “the plumber’s helper” for that reason. It is a simple device that anyone can use and every home or business with a bathroom should have one available.

If several tries with the plunger don’t succeed, then it may be time to call us. We have other tools which we can use to unclog your drain. Many times a plumber’s snake will be able to reach the clog and dislodge it. This frees the drain to flow properly. Other times it will take more advanced means to determine to location and cause of the stoppage.

Clogged sewer drain answers

When the source of your backed-up drains is located in the sewer drain, the solution becomes a bit more difficult. Now you need to locate which pipe is blocking the flow. A plumber’s snake can sometimes determine this, but not always. Even if the snake does find the blockage, it cannot tell you what is causing the problem. Video technology saves the day when this is the case.

Using video technology we can see exactly what is causing the obstruction. This is very important is choosing the solution for the problem. If it is a clog of tree roots, Windsor Plumbing would clear those with an auger or hydro jet. Knowing which is the proper solution prevents waste of time and money.

If the sewer line has seen some damage, simply clearing the rubble is not the answer. This would instead call for repair or replacement of the sewer pipe. Using video inspection to locate damage or broken line also improves ability to pin point the problem. This tool will send a signal showing the exact location of the pipe needing repair.

Sewer line repairs used to mean digging up the entire line to remove and replace it. That isn’t true anymore. Windsor Plumbing can replace the damaged pipe be inserting a new liner with only one or two small holes.

Call Windsor Plumbing for Clogged Drain Solutions

Are team of professionals is ready to take your call. Property managers, landlords and property owners have our number ready whenever they have a plumbing problem. They know that we treat our customers with respect and just how frequently toilet clogs become an issue. That means we not only respect their property, treating it with care and cleanliness, but we respect their time. We are committed to being prompt. We will use the most efficient means possible to resolve your issue. At the same time, we will not do any work without your express approval and understanding of the options available.

We do much more than respond when you bathtub drain is clogged. Windsor Plumbing is a full-service plumbing and sewer contractor. We can install or replace plumbing appliances and sewer lines, as well as work on both residential and commercial projects. From new construction to small plumbing repairs, Windsor Plumbing is the only plumber you need. Call us for your home or business in Columbus, OH.

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